Video: Confessions of A Shopaholic in Denial

Hi guys! Wow I think this is the first time I posting something in the same day, hopefully this will become a trend in the near future. Lol. I have lots of posts and photos to catch up on but here’s a quick update. This is my FIRST video and I really excited to share this with you guys. I love the title of this post/video, it’s so appropriate because I don’t think I’m a shopaholic..HOWEVER if you ask anybody who knows me, they will tell you the opposite. This video is just some of my latest purchases. I enjoyed doing this so I hopefully I will be able to do more of them!

I will have the outfit post to go with this video soon I promise! I have less than a week left with school and work so I will have more time to post and keep up to date, FINALLY! I can’t believe it’s the end though, I’ll miss living in the US, it has its perks and I’ve met some amazing people out here. But there is no place like home and I can’t wait to get back to my beautiful island.

SN: I talked about Pretty Shiny Sparkly and her latest project Bloggers Do it Better. I can’t wait to try the first challenge colour blocking (or colourful stripes). Visit her blog for more information and details, I have a badge in my side bar linking to the page. Come join in on the fun!

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♥ Tamaraxo

Ps. I just wanna thank all my readers, followers and those who comment! I really appreciate all of you! I read every comment and it brightens my day, you are all so sweet and supportive! I wish Blogger had a commenting system like WordPress’ where I could comment you back individually. One day. But just know they do not get overlooked.

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