Happy Easter + True Blue

(Forever 21 two-toned dress; Express cardigan; Bakers heels; Mango purse; Polo Ralph Lauren glasses)
Happy Easter My Lovlies!
Today I will be spending the day with some family, as I said holiday time in Bermuda is my favourite time of year. Easter egg hunts with my baby cousins and filling myself up with chocolate bunnies and mini eggs. One of three times of year you’re allowed to indulge yourself with chocolate & candy and I will be taking full advantage of it lol. 
This outfit was from Wednesday at work before the holiday, my favourite casual dress dressed up with a cardi and some tights for work. I think this is the first outfit post I’ve ever done wearing my glasses, I like it :). I’ve had glasses since about 13 but only been actually wearing them like I’m supposed to since I got these pair when I started school in Florida 3 years ago. It took me about 2 hours to pick out this frame and I’m glad I choose this pair, simple with a splash of purple on the inside. I only wear them while working or watching movies though, I try not to wear them too often because I don’t want my eyes to start relying on them and then get worse. No thank you lol!
♥ Tamaraxo
PS. Forgot to mention. Yesterday I mentioned on FB how I’ve changed my Twitter & Instagram names to @lovetamaraxo. After pressure from friends and realising they made perfect sense (lol) I’ve made my names the same. I felt it wasn’t right that everytime I was tagged on Instagram someone else was being mentioned on Twitter. Oops. And knowing that I will be instagraming like crazy summertime I just decided to make the change now and avoid any more confusion lol.

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