A New Beginning

New BeginningNew Beginning
New Beginning
New Beginning

Good Afternoon Loves! 
I am beaming with excitement right now as I really put some of my skills to the test trying to figure out this URL thing but I am so happy to announce that On Pink Shores finally has it’s own domain! 

New Beginning
New Beginning
New Beginning

New BeginningMy readers can now visit to follow all the latest updates with my blog. With that being said, I couldn’t leave my old URL behind, so has now become the main hub for my modeling projects and other portfolio items. Even though I haven’t done much modeling lately, it is still something I am very interested in and wanted to begin pursuing again but in the past I always had trouble finding a platform to display my photos on. This past week I finally decided to sit down and create this one ‘hub’. 
New Beginning
[outfit details here] I hope you all continue to follow my blog and check my website to see all the great styles I’ve been wearing and fun projects I’m working on.

♥ Tamaraxo

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PS. I am hoping not to have a delay in posts but due to Tropical Storm Fay this past weekend [she was more like a hurricane!], my electricity has been knocked out and am running on limited access to the Internet at the moment. Luckily there were no injuries, only structural damage and many uprooted trees island-wide. However, in the clean up of Fay, continue to pray for us as Gonzalo is heading our way later this week. To think, we made it through September unscathed, only to be blinded by two in the beginning of October!

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