Geometric Contrast

(Forever 21 dress; H&M belt & sweater; Aldo tights; Bakers pumps)
I wore this outfit for a meeting last week. The sun decided to come out for most of the day, even though it was complete overcast it wasn’t as cold as it has been lately. But then it the evening it started to pour rain. I told you Bermuda has the most bipolar weather. It makes me miss Florida, at least there you know when it’s going to rain (early afternoon) & then you’re good for the rest of the day. Here in Bermuda it’s unpredictable. But I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, this island is my home.
On to my outfit, I thought it was a little bright for how gloomy the day was but it kept me in a positive mood & smiling. This dress I’ve had for a few years now but never really worn it. I think I had only worn it once until now, it doesn’t have much shape to it so it wasn’t very flattering. But once I paired it with this H&M belt it completely transformed the dress from blah to cute. Add some royal blue pumps for an extra pop of colour, a sweater and tights for warmth & I’m good to go with a geometric colour block outfit 🙂
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