OnPinkShores Turns 5!

OPSturns5 OPSturns5 OPSturns5 OPSturns5 OPSturns5OPSturns5 OPSturns5

Last week Thursday [Feb 4] my baby turned 5 years old! Can you believe that it’s already been 5 years since I first started this blog! I’m still in disbelief. I had every intention of doing this post on the day of but when it came down to it I knew exactly what imagery I wanted but no idea what I wanted to write about. Five years is a great milestone for anything, especially on the blogosphere where people give up pretty easily. I can tell you that this has not been an easy journey. I went from a university student that had so much spare time outside of class, to part time worker where when I left the office I could do whatever I wanted, to a full time job with a crazy demanding schedule and almost no free time. And to think for the past two years on top of that I decided to take a course!

OPSturns5 OPSturns5OPSturns5OPSturns5 OPSturns5

Things were so easy in the beginning, that when times got harder to blog, I thought so many times about just quitting, but I never did. Everytime I thought about giving up, there was just something in my heart that wouldn’t let go. Blogging is something I truly enjoy and it gives me a platform to express myself and document my adventures. Even though I wasn’t posting, I never stopped collecting content or thinking of ideas and new ways to enhance my blog.

OPSturns5 OPSturns5OPSturns5

I think..No I know, this is my goal for my fifth year. I’ve spend the past 3 years putting everything else first and never giving my blog a real chance to blossom and see where it can take me. So for this year I’ve decided to put my all into my blog and make it a priority. All that lost curated content, all my ideas and collaborations I’ve wanted to do, you will start to see all of it finally coming to light. Keep an eye out for all the great things to come and if you ever have any ideas, feedback or want to collaborate send me an email :).

OPSturns5 OPSturns5 OPSturns5OPSturns5OPSturns5OPSturns5OPSturns5

Photos by L. Robinson

Rainbow top | Nasty Gal skirt | Nasty Gal choker | 5 Balloon from Brown&Co

I can’t wait for you to see everything! Follow me on all my social media platforms for updates as they come!

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