Mustaches Part 2: Tims on my Feet


outfit details here | Timberland boots
Photos by A. Bradshaw
Well hello there, I hope everyone has had a good week and is enjoying the weekend. I’m posting this a little later than I expected but life has been pretty hectic around here. We are in the middle of our City Food Festival right now with the finale event happening this afternoon. It has been an amazing and successful week of events, all the planning and preparation we have done for the past three months has paid off. The Food Festival is my second favourite event in our calendar (the first being my baby the Fashion Festival of course) because it focus on food, duh! I just wanted to say a quick hello before I run off to work with a slightly familiar outfit post. Recognise it? Well that is because I’ve already worn it, but when I wore this outfit these Tims were what I really wanted to pair this outfit with. I’ve wanted a pair of white Tims for a while now and I found a pair at the outlet mall the last time I was in New York and immediately got them! But the sad reality is that it never really gets cold enough in Bermuda to wear them! Especially these ones that are lined and ready for the cold snow. But I’ve been wanting to wear them so badly before the weather got too warm that I decided ‘you know what, I’m just going to do a duel outfit post’. So I put them on, took my photos then changed back into my Jordan‘s before I left the house. It’s only a partial not really a real outfit post, but this will have to do for now.
Event plug: For all my foodies in Bermuda, head down to Victoria Park today between 2pm – 10pm for exciting cuisine, amazing performances, amateur chef competitions and all day entertainment! #CityFoodFestival
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