Video: OnPinkShoresIRL Turns 5!

OPSturns5 OPSturns5

I know I’ve already posted today but I have a part two 🙂 – if you haven’t seen part one yet, go check it out here! Part two of my blog anniversary announcements includes that I will be dipping my hand into the YouTube world! Video montages have always been a thing I enjoy and I love documenting my experiences through video, because it just makes reliving those moments so much sweeter. Collecting video is something I do all the time when I am traveling but not so much when I am home in Bermuda. I’ve had my YouTube for years but never really used it. I haven’t decided if I will go through all my old footage and create videos from those (although it would be great to relive my Mexico trip!), but I definitely have video content planned for this year.

OPSturns5 OPSturns5OPSturns5

 My first video for this year is a behind the scenes of my 5th anniversary photoshoot, photographed and videoed by my good friend Lamont, with all editing my me. This may be my ‘event coordinator side’ talking but behind the scenes videos are one of my favourites, because you get to see the inner workings of a project. Plus I wanted to take the chance to show you a different side of my blog. I don’t know if I’ve ever explained the true meaning behind my blog name and finally in this post and video you can see why I called it ‘OnPinkShores‘. Bermuda is known for it’s beautiful pink sand beaches and I hold my island very close to my heart. I love to travel and adventure but I’m a true island girl and I’ve always said, that “No matter where my life adventures take me, my heart will always remain OnPinkShores.”

I hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

♥ Tamara

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