IFB Con Day 2 Outfit


(Young & Reckless customized hat; thrifted sweater & layered necklace; Bebe leggings; Gap booties; H&M neon necklace)

For the second day of the IFB Con I decided to go with something a little more street and edgy. I just got this Young and Reckless hat that was customized by one of my friends and have been dying to wear it. I’m going back to my roots of tom-boy style and snap backs. But instead of going completely street I decided to glam it up with this sequin sweater I found at a thrift store a year ago, and pair it with my never worn leopard & leather leggings I got from Bebe back in 2011. And can’t forget to layer the bling around the neck, my favourite way to accessorize at the moment. In all honesty, a very simple outfit thrown together randomly, and it turned out to be the most popular out of the two. Most people didn’t even remember me from the first day because my style was so different. But that is what I love about having versatile style, you can be who you want, when you want, whatever you mood :). Dare to be different !

Day 2 of the workshop I became more hands on. I interacted with even more people and tried my hands at the MailChimp DIY booth, which was pretty awesome! The panels for Day 2 were basically implementing everything we learned on Day 1. Full recap of the conference to come – once I finish going through the hundreds of photos. One thing, we bloggers love to take a picture, lol.

♥ Tamaraxo

Ps. Really digging the cat-eye right now 😀

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