2 Years & Counting

Wow, I’ve been so caught up in meetings, photoshoots and preparing for New York for the past week that I almost forgot what to day is. Today is the Second Anniversary for my blog! My baby is officially 2 years old, this past year flew by. Seems like just yesterday I made this video celebrating the first anniversary. Unfortunately, this year my schedule has been so busy with my new job (exciting news on that to come) that I didn’t get to create an awesomely awkward video thanking you for all your support or do a narcissistic photoshoot to celebrate the two years. Instead I’m going to rely on an un-posted photo from last year’s rebranding shoot and a simple text to celebrate:

Happy 2nd Birthday On Pink Shores!!
Thank You So Much For All Your Support!

On Pink Shores

I hope you continue to follow me into my third year 🙂

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