Too Lazy For Jeans

(Forever 21 top & purse; H&M belt; Sweat pants from Gibbons Co. [Bda]; Nike sneakers)
You know those lazy school days where you just don’t feel like getting up for class, you’re not 100% and don’t feel like bothering with tight jeans, hair or makeup. Well this was one of those days. Except for the fact that technically I’m not in school, I just happen to be taking a bar-tending course at a school. And class was at 6 in the evening. But I really wasn’t feeling 100 (I was sluggish and had woken up with a sore throat) and I really didn’t feel like bothering with tight jeans. Instead – dress up sweat pants & voila! Off to learning about wines.
♥ Tamaraxo

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