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The Deliverance
(Forever21 top, purse & sunnies; random shorts & cardi; Volcom shoes)
The title of this post may seem random but the meaning behind it is well…behind me. The Deliverance is the name of the ship behind me, a key to Bermuda’s history, for the full story click here. I wore this outfit on the 4th of July, it happens to be the same day of two of my family members’ birthday, so naturally I spent the day celebrating with them. Just something simple I threw on. It’s been really hot therefore shorts, a top & sunblock have been the basics of my outfits lately. And also you’ll notice I’ve been wearing a lot of flats or sneakers lately. I sprained my ankle twice when I was younger and it was starting to bother me again, hence the reason I’m extra short.
If you follow me on twitter you will know that I went to, Evolution the biggest fashion event Bermuda has ever seen last night! It was amazing! Very long (7pm-12pm) but a great production! Will post about it later this week. Also I’ve been working on a (more formal) portfolio site for my modeling and have just launched it tonight! I’m excited but extremely nervous about it. I will be updating that with my recent and older photos over the next two weeks, using WordPress for it so still has the blog feel but I don’t mind, html is a foreign language to me. But I think I’ve ranted enough for now, I’ll leave you with the link:
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