Little Black Dress

(Forever 21 dress; Nine West sandals)
An outfit I wore out one night, I’ve had this dress sitting the back of my closet with the tag still on for about a year now. As usual I had one of those “I have nothing to wear” moments when I remembered about this dress. I had completely forgot about it & how it fit me! I know the shoes kind of ruin the outfit, but since I had re-sprained my ankle while I was in Boston I have been condemned to wear flats. For the sake of the outfit I decided not to wear the wrap/brace and just toughed it out limping all night.
Still currently in this condition, just without the limping. I’m just praying that I can at least brave one night of heels on my birthday. Celebrating a 21st Birthday in flats is out of the question! Wish me luck!
♥ Tamaraxo
Ps. That’s my friend Shalisa, I’m the shortest out of all my friends here in Bermuda 🙁 which makes being in flats even worse.

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