BDIB: Maxi Skirt

Finally my first. Bloggers to it Better entry. The Maxi.

(Skirt & top Forever21; Shoes & Jewelry Nine West)
Today was such a great day, I believe this is first time I’m posting within the same day! I shot this after my photoshoot today for the Moonlight Bazaar. It was Cupmatch themed. Cupmatch is a holiday here in Bermuda where it’s one end of the island vs the other in a cricket match. Somerset vs. St.George’s. It’s basically the best holiday (next to Christmas) and lasts almost a whole week. The concept for the shoot was great and so much fun, can’t wait for you to see the pics! My friend Jevaughn of Squirrel Photography was the photographer, and was also kind enough to take these pics for me 🙂 Thanks Squirrel! And to top off the day I went fishing with some friends! It was so much fun and not to mention funny, lol. I caught two fish, but yet I didn’t want to touch them. Ha! Will post photos on my Facebook Page so you all can see. Fishing is something us Bermudians like to do and have been for years, some still catch their fish and take it home for dinner, not I though, I don’t eat sea food.

I’m off to bed now, another exciting day tomorrow [shopping & fashion shows :D] Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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