Violent Lips Shoot – BTS

Before I left for New York I mentioned about a photoshoot I had the weekend before. I posted a link to Mike’s (the photographer) behind the scene photos. Now that I’m back from New York and all recovered here is my BTS photos. The shoot went really well and we were all up bright and early but we kept each other awake and had fun. Click the ‘read more’ link to see the bts photos. I’m also working on a video to go with it as well. This will be my first video so be patient with me 🙂

♥ Tamaraxo

Special thanks to the models: Danielle Smith, Sherri Scott, Sarafina Durrant and Courtney Davis / Hair stylists: Sierra Scraders and Kiwana Stephens / MUA: Hannah Collins / Photographer: Mike Jones / Stylists: Mo’Nique Stevens & James Lee and Alex Masters for letting us use Whitespace* Studio
Mo’Nique the mastermind behind the concept

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