Safe House

(Forever 21 lace top, purse, jeans & necklace; Urban Behaviour jacket; Gap booties)

Ugh so sorry about the image quality, these were taken with my point and shoot camera. Note to self, invest in a better point and shoot. This was two weekends ago, I wore this outfit to go to dinner and the movies with one of my friends. We went to see Safe House, hence the post name. It was a pretty good movie, different than I expected but I can never hate on a movie with Ryan Renolds and Denzel Washington, a hottie and a legend. Well Denzel isn’t quite a legend yet, but he is on his way.
It was just a casual night so didn’t get too dressed up, just threw this outfit together, didn’t even put any makeup on. I’m starting to think this is another one of my favourite tops, I always find myself pulling it out of my closet no matter what time of year it is. And heels to the movies, you would have never caught me doing this before. I’m starting to feel like a real fashion blogger, since I’ve been wearing heels to work all the time heels are starting to become part of my everyday life, I’m loving it 😀
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