Insta-Tam: City Fashion Festival 2014

Prop shopping for #CityFashionFestival #evolution2014 #lifeinevents #behindtherunway
Rehearsal time. Bossing choreographing these scenes. Stepping up from just coordinating the event ❤️ #lifeinevents #evolution2014 #behindtherunway #cityfashionfestival
Pretty flowers & fashion layouts #cityfashionfestival #evolution2014 #lifeinevents
#rp @citylife_bda @jakoma_ doing his thing! Rehearsals for the show have officially begun! #cityfashionfestival #evolution2014 #behindtherunway #lifeinevents
A gorgeous day for a shoot. Follow @citylife_bda to see what I'm up to during my busy fashion schedule #CityFashionFestival #Evolution2014 #lifeinevents

It's time for #evolution2014 rehearsal but first lemme take a selfie ✌️ #cityfashionfestival #lifeinevents
It's all about #Evolution2014 promo today #cityfashionfestival #lifeinevents

It’s amazing how sometimes you can become so busy, putting so much time and energy into one thing, that it can consume your whole life. I know I said that I was going to better with the balance this year but as you can clearly tell (my last post was in May!), it did not work out so well. Once again the Fashion Festival kept me so busy, that my personal life felt like it was put on hold for almost two months. But now it is all over, I am finally settling back into my routine and looking back at it all, giving a sigh of relief. By no means has my event calendar slowed down, but I definitely learned a lot about myself through the planning of this year’s event. I am hoping this time, I am able to apply those lessons going forward. One thing I can say, no matter how busy I get, when the dust starts to settle I will always come back. So just know – if I’ve been absent, I’m probably planning a major event and just check Facebook & Instagram for updates 🙂

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