After Gonzalo

He's coming #HurricaneGonzalo #bermuda #stormwatch
Hello Gonzalo ⚠️ #HurricaneGonzalo #bermuda #stormwatch
He's getting closer & as you can see I wasn't the only one out. Bermudians don't listen. #HurricaneGonzalo #bermuda #stormwatch #prayforus
Gonzalo update: The eye is just passing over and it doesn't look like too much damage so far, electricity has been out for a few hours. Let's hope he leaves just as calmly #HurricaneGonzalo #bermuda #stormwatch
Glad that we made it through safely. Praying for all those that received a lot of damage to their homes & praising that it wasn't any worse. It's times like these that we realise what is really important in life & everything else is just extras. ❤️ #Hurri
#latepost #HurricaneGonzalo #bermuda #bermudastrong #stormwatch
Sunrise after the storm #HurricaneGonzalo #bermuda #stormwatch
We made it through, now time for the clean up! It looks like for the most part we made it through unscathed, just a lot of tree damage and power lines down. It seems like Fay cleared the way. For those that did receive a lot of damage lets give a neighbou
You would never think we just had a Cat 3/4 hurricane ☀️ #bermuda #bermudastrong
It's feels like summer all over again and I never want it to end  #bermuda #ilovemyisland


The calm has finally come and looks like it is here to stay this time. Bermuda took quite a hit and has been through a lot the past week and a half but we are strong. Here are a few snaps from my Instagram and Gonzalo (and the day after) threw my eyes. It was a long two days but we made it through and have now begun to pick up the pieces. It almost seems like we were lucky to get Fay first as she cleared the way for Gonzalo. Personally my family did not receive any more damage than after Fay, but there were some houses that were really damaged as a result of some tornados within the hurricane. Please keep Bermuda in your prayers as we pick up the pieces and put our beautiful island back together. Many are still without power (I only received mine last night) which means there have been many candle light dinners and cold baths. It is amazing how you don’t realise how blessed you really are to have what we consider the essentials but in some other countries are rare privileges. It makes you think about things. I for one feel very lucky and blessed to live on island where we are prepared for things like these and then when tragedy does strike, we come together to help each other. We are #BermudaStrong.
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