First Day, First Impressions

(Forever 21 dress worn as skirt, purse & necklaces; Divided by H&M sweater; Aldo tights; Nine West ankle boots)

The day started so beautiful and sunny much like my mood, however don’t let the photos fool you, it was freezing today. Luckily I had the sun to warm me up while I was taking these photos before I headed off to work for my first day as an intern. And I’d like to say so far I’m loving it! I’m getting right into the work and starting on up coming projects, it’s only been a day but there is nothing else I’d rather be doing! 
I wanted to keep my outfit very simple & neutral for the first day. I wore this dress as a skirt and paired it with this sweater from H&M that I’ve been wearing non-stop lately. I can’t help it, I just love the cut even though sometimes I feel it can look a little boxy, and it’s so soft & warm! Something that is needed right now as it all of a sudden decided to get cold again. This cold front just came out of no where! 
Tomorrow I think I’m going to liven up my outfit a little considering it’s Valentine’s Day. I’ve never really been one to celebrate in the traditional just because, well I’ve never really had someone to celebrate it with (with the exception of twice while I was in high school), so I tend to make it about reminding my loved ones i.e. family & friends how much I love them and am blessed to have them in my life. But this year I can add one more category to my list – you! – my readers. I love and appreciate that you take the time out to read my blog, because let’s face it without you I’d basically have a cool looking style journal and be talking to myself lol. So thanks 😀
♥ Tamaraxo

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