Last Year’s Eve & My Resolutions

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Happy New Year Loves! 

I’m starting the new year excited as my internet at home is finally back up and running! I’ve been running on limited access since the storms back in October and haven’t had any at all for the past month. I’m also excited because my new camera came in today. I wasn’t planning on getting one but just before the holiday I decided after 4 years it was time for an upgrade, and with that comes a new resolution. This year I have decided to actually learn about my camera to help enhance my blog and my overall photography skills. Some other resolutions I have this year will be to build more on somethings I started back in 2014. All of these are things I’ve already been working on and towards, so they are not necessarily new resolutions, but rather continued ones. I’ve never been one to wait until the new year to start something, I prefer to do it right when I think of it. 

1. Continue running and work toward my first marathon! – In 2014 I ran my first Half Marathon, a national race that takes place in Bermuda every year. Due to multiple injuries during and after training I have been on a break since completing it back in May, so now that the mass holiday eating is over – time to get back on the horse.
2. Take care of my body – My whole life I’ve always been accident prone. While training for the half marathon and rehearsal for the Christmas parade I sprained my ankle twice last year. On top of that I also dislocated my left shoulder, pulled a muscle in my left hip and developed runner’s knees. My fitness goals of 2014 definitely took its toll on my body, but this year I want to take care of it more and nurture the injuries. It’s time to get my body back to 100% so I can continue pushing forward.
3. Make blogging more of a priority – this blog has always been one of my favourite hobbies but when work gets busy it is the first thing that falls behind. December was my month of setting goals and trying to post more and I achieved it, it felt so good. 2015 I want to continue that and make it another job title rather than just ‘something I do’.
4. Spend more time with friends and family – During the holiday I made time to spend with my friends and family, and I loved every minute of it. I forgot how great it was just to spend time with them and laugh. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with work that it is easy to curl into my own bubble. This year I want to take my life back. I love work but I need to make time for those I love as well.
5. Collaborate more – this is going to be a hard one for me. The end of 2014 saw some great collaborations for me with Can’t Stay Put, Alexandra Mosher and Bermuda Rocks. I had so much fun doing them but at times it’s hard to juggle these in with my regular work and posting so they do not get my full attention. And I never like doing things half-ass. It may not be many, but I would love to work more intently on a few collaborations.
6. Get organised – Now this one is an ongoing resolution because there is ALWAYS room for improvement but it is also the most important one on this list. Without organisation this whole list can fall apart. I will be trying out many methods and probably won’t get much sleep, but I won’t stop until I find something that works for me.
Since this post is combined goals from last year & for this year I’ve included both outfit as well.
Last Year's Eve

Last Year's Eve
Last Year's Eve
Last Year's Eve

Photos by C.Smith
Outfit 1 (this year): Generation Love dress | Guess heels
Outfit 2 (last year): Charlotte Russe dress | H&M necklace | Rachel Roy heels

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