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New + Neutral New + Neutral New + Neutral New + Neutral New + Neutral

Throwing it back to a 2015 Post, this one may look a little familiar and that’s because I’ve already posted from this day. This was the outfit I wore to Brunch at Grotto Bay, but can you tell what’s shoes. This pretty much reveals (almost) every bloggers secret, that we all have a pair of flats stashed with us to switch out our heels when that time comes. In my case, it’s always sneakers.

New + Neutral New + Neutral New + Neutral

From young I’ve always been a sneaker head, growing up I was far from a girly girl. The only reason I owned my first pair of heels at 13 was because I needed them for a role I was playing in the school play. The next time I owned heels was when I was 18 and of age to go out and even then I was wearing the same pair for almost two years! It wasn’t until I moved to Florida that I started to get into fashion. But even as I was starting my collection of lust-worthy heels, I never lost my love for sneakers. They have always been my go to when heels were not warranted.

New + Neutral New + Neutral

As I was growing my heel collection I neglected my sneaker collection, I found myself always choosing the stiletto when shopping. So I decided that 2015 was the start of getting my sneaker game back on point. After all, if I wasn’t wearing a heel I was wearing a sneaker. These pair were one of a handful that I decided to invest in. I have always loved New Balance and this was my chance to add them to my wardrobe. With sneakers being my alternative it gave me a chance to compare how different an outfit can look in heels versus with sneakers.

New + NeutralPhotos by G. Bradshaw

Which do you prefer, sneakers or heels?

Mango khaki shirt dress | New Balance sneakers | H&M necklace 

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