The Lido Complex


It’s a shame I can’t seem to find my other photos from this night, but this was from an end of summer dinner with some of my friends before the reality of school and work kicked back into gear. Even though most of us would still be on island we would not see each other as often as we did during summer. We decided to go to dinner at Lido located at the Elbow Beach hotel. It had been a while since I had been someplace fancy for dinner so when we decided on where to go, I knew just the outfit to wear. I had purchased this dress during my online summer splurge a few months prior but had not gotten the chance to wear it yet. Lido was the perfect occasion. The restaurant and the food was amazing, and we managed to get a great seat near the window, so we had the beach and sunset as our background. I would definitely recommend Lido to anyone visiting Bermuda or as a special occasion dinner location for my locals.

 Lido Lido LidoLido Lido Photos by T.Yamaguchi

SheIn dress | Chic Nova purse | H&M necklace | Guess heels

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