It’s Magic

(Forever 21 top; Express belt; random shorts; Baby Phat sneakers [2009] / Forever 21 Jeans & purse)
It’s probably not completely obvious but the title and blue shirt kind of give it away. Having lived in Orlando one of my main things that I wanted to do while living there was to go to a Magic game! And of course this did not happen until my last week there. But hey I got to go! This is the outfit I wore during the day, I changed into some jeans in the evening for the game, it gets cool at night in Florida. But the best part about the experience not only was it the Playoffs…but they WON! Whoa! Mind you they lost their next game and were kicked out by the Hawks, my theory is it’s because I wasn’t there lol.
Here are some pics from the event, it was so much fun!
♥ Tamaraxo

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