Blogger Feature: It’s Camille Co, Duh!

Camille Co.
Fashion Designer, Brand Ambassador, Model, & now Blogger.
I’ve been following Camille since she started her blog back in April and I think it’s time for a name change. She is firstly a fashion designer, then a brand ambassador, occasionally a model and lastly a blogger. So it makes sense why her blog is “Camille tries to blog“. However she is so consistent, down to earth and influential that ‘try’ is an understatement. She is a natural blogger. And stylist! Her style is amazing.

Original, Classy, Girly, Romantic and sometimes Edgy.
There is no limit to her style. She can turn a simple outfit into amazing just by accessorizing. Outfits that I could never dream of, she creates perfectly. Colour Blocking. Print Mixing. Shoes. Bags.
If there was any closet I could raid, hers would be somewhere at the top of my list.

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