Live to Love

 (BCX cardigan from Macy’s; H&M top & shorts; Call It Spring pumps; necklace borrowed from a friend)
This was my first outfit for the New Year. I wore this on the first day of the year to a party in memory of one of my friends that died tragically in a mistaken identity shooting. He was a sweet person that loved & lived life to the fullest and touched everyone he met. He didn’t have any enemies and was always smiling! In his memory his friends and family created a group called Live Free, which came from one of his favourite songs. The group stands for everything positive, to Live Free of negativity. A powerful message I think. I wanted to wear something that kind of reflected the positive vibe, and what can be more positive and powerful than Love (which is what my shirt says btw, kind of hard to make out in the photos).  A perfect occasion to debut some of my new pieces that I got on my latest trip. It was definitely a fun and positive night, I commend the group and support them as they continue to promote this positive message.
 Ps. Sorry for the lack of outfit pics, the weather was not cooperating with my hair so I only got one decent image!

♥ Tamaraxo

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