Red Pumps

(Forever 21 top & jeggings; BCX cardi from Macy’s; Bakers pumps; necklace borrowed)
I want to apologize for my lack of posts and Outfit Obsessions posts this week. My internet went down I was just able to get it fixed yesterday. I was so upset, I felt like a part of my life was missing not being able to post! Okay sounds a bit dramatic I know but this blog has become a part of my life, & I love it. I get to not only express myself through my style & fashion but also share my experiences with you all. Hopefully if things work out things will start to get a little more interesting on my blog. I said how my one year is coming up and I’m working on changes to the blog, that includes new images, layout and even a new name! :O ! I’ve said too much, thats all for now!
♥ Tamaraxo

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29-year-old island girl with a love of fashion & travel.

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