Video: Behind the Runway – Evolution Interview

Okay so this working and blogging thing is not working to my advantage at the moment. With so many (& big) things going on in both my work and personal life right now, my spare time is literally spent catching up on sleep. I knew I was going to be busy this summer but I never expected this. But I guess being busy is a good thing right. I am currently without internet at home which has been another reason for the lack of posts but refuse to let this go on any longer. Starting next week (Friday because that is when I get my internet, hopefully), I will be back in full force of blogging. There is a lot of catching up to do and lot’s to tell.
But for now I am going to leave you with this video of me being interviewed for our City Fashion Festival which explains only a fraction of what my time has been spent doing. I love my job and I love blogging and even though they may get in the way of each other every now and then, I don’t intend of giving either one of them up. 🙂
♥ Tamaraxo
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