Top of the Fort


Romwe blouse | H&M blazer | H&M pants | Romwe necklace | Guess sandals
Photos by D.Trott, Location – Fort Hamilton

Okay so since returning from my vacation I have been crazy busy at work, exhausted by the time I get home and still have to do work for my course as well as personal projects. In short, my Cancun pictures have yet to be looked at, but hopefully will have time this weekend to work on a few posts and take some outfit photos. These are completely random, impromptu shots taken by my boss today during an on site meeting for one of our upcoming events. It’s so great to be surrounded by creative minds, we were busy coming up with thoughts of how to layout the event and she decided to shoot these with her phone exclaiming ‘This would be a great shot for your blog’. So I decided to do a quick post with these photos before I get back to doing the work I am actually supposed to be doing. How beautiful is this of Fort Hamilton. Not only does it have historic significance but it also has one of the best views in the City, you can see everything, including right across the harbour. Now back to work, have a great night!
♥ Tamaraxo

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