Lust List: Coach #WhatsYourCharm

 (Photo source: @Coach)

Currently lusting over the new/old Coach Dinky bag! It was one of their signature bags back in the 70s and now they’ve brought it back with a ‘charming’ twist – pun intended. Coach is celebrating their 75th anniversary this year and have been doing so many exciting things with their brand. I’ve had to use every ounce of restraint to stop myself from going on a binge (well sort of, more on that later).  Each bag comes with one surprise charm but come on, they are all so cute, how could you settle for only one! I am already plotting ways to get my hand on this beauty and every single one of the limited edition charms, especially that dino! Until then, enjoy how these bloggers have styled their Dinky:

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Happily Grey  

(Photo source: @happilygrey)

Gabriella Kim 

(Photo source: @msgabbys)

My Traveling Closet

(Photo source: @mytravelingcloset)

Drunk on Shoes 

(Photo source: @drunkonshoes)

Cece Lam

(Photo source: @cece.lam)

Color of Magic Yang

(Photo source: @colorofmagicyang)


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