Refocused: Black + Grey

Refocused Refocused Refocused Refocused

Hello my loves. I hope you have had a good week. It has been a pretty stressful one for me with lots of admin work and deadlines all happening at the same time. I’ve spend most of my evenings working late then going home to a glass of wine and my bed aka doing nothing that would require any brain power. Which is why I waited until the weekend to write this post, to escape to my happy place, fashion.

Refocused Refocused Refocused RefocusedRefocused Refocused Refocused RefocusedThe past few months I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, organizing and reorganizing. It’s a habit I have, part of my Virgo side I guess. I find myself always making lists to help me figure out everything it is that I have to do. Whether it be for work, my blog, personal chores, finances, shopping list etc. I find making a list helps me to refocus my brain and see where my priorities are. I’ll admit, I’m old school with it, I use pen and paper. I haven’t found any apps that work for me yet. The closest thing so far is the Reminders app on my iPhone because I can set a reminder and ticket it off when it’s done. There is just something satisfying about crossing items off a list. Speaking of which, with a new week ahead and the end of another month, time to create a new list.Refocused Refocused Refocused Refocused Refocused Refocused Refocused Refocused Refocused

What are some things you to do help keep yourself organized and refocus when things get hectic?

Photos by G. Bradshaw

Romwe dress | Rainbow scarf | Guess boots | Forever 21 coat | Nasty Gal choker necklace | Rebecca Minkoff x Saks x Atlantic Pacific crossbody

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