Next Weekend

(Forever 21 top, jeans & necklace; H&M tank; Bakers pumps; vintage ring)
I’m so excited for next weekend. I will once again be heading off to New York, this time to celebrate my friend Tasha’s birthday! We went to school at Full Sail together and I haven’t seen her in over a year so I’m excited to catch up with her! That’s one thing about being back home, I don’t get to see or speak to my friends as much as I’d want to. I love my island but sometimes I miss living in the states, the atmosphere is completely different. If I were to move to the states I’d probably move to New York or California in the Santa Ana area, the only thing about NYC is I’d have to find away to get over my hatred of cold weather. I’m an island girl, anything below 75 F is cold for me! Lol
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