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Remember the Lip Tattoo photoshoot I posted about that I did in January, well when I posted it I tagged, mentioned, tweeted, Facebooked Violent Lips, the company that makes the amazing product and they responded! They loved our concept and how we did the photoshoot! They reached out to us and asked to use our photos on their website and for possible promotional use. After permission was given from the whole team they sent us complimentary lip tattoos and t-shirts as a thank you for letting them use our photos and a few days later this appeared on their blog:

post featuring our images!
The whole team was given credit where due, they are so kind. It’s just something small and simple but being from the small island of Bermuda where some people don’t even realize we are really a country, it’s nice to be appreciated and recognized. Big thank you to the Violent Lips team !
This is just one photo that I stole from Mike’s Blog of the gifts they sent us. To see the rest visit his post.

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