Overused Aftermath


(Forever 21 dress; Charlotte Russe blazer; H&M belt; Madden Girl booties; vintage bracelet; Gorjana necklaces)

My hair is a mess. My dress is overused. And my boots are new. Yupp that pretty much sums up these photos. The hair – My hair is at the in between stage where it needs to be washed but I’m not ready to go back to my curls yet. Life is so much easier when it’s straight/semi curled. The dress – I’m sure you may remember this dress as I’ve worn it before on the blog (here & here), but I know I’m tired of wearing it as it’s been worn a ridiculous amount of times that I haven’t posted about. I bought this dress a few years back and had only worn it once or twice, and now since working I’ve worn it several times over beyond what it was worth. In other words, it’s time to invest in new clothes for the office. The boots – These boots were one of those “I’m doing Christmas shopping for someone else but I deserve something too” purchases. Admit it we all have one of those moments – or two if your like me.

Another goal for 2013 is to not let posts linger on my desktop and then get overshadowed by something more recent. And my way of proving it to you is this very timely post of yesterday’s outfit. However, the real challenge is keeping it up. We shall see.

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